Air movement/ Ventilation

KRYTON produces reducers, fan panels, ventilation hoods, and many various shapes and sizes of spinnings to fit your needs.

Lighting fixture lamps are hanging on textile classic cable from the ceiling


KRYTON manufactures custom lighting solutions from simple to complex as well as but not limited to conical, dome, wall scones, and other shapes to fit the space your customer demands. We manufacture from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass.


KRYTON can aid in the design, fabrication, and finishing of your indoor and outdoor projects to fit your needs .

Black Bar Vintage Stools with Table
High voltage electric power substation in summer day


KRYTON meets the demand for the leading suppliers of High Voltage power distribution and generation. We also produce components for the oil and gas industry. 

Vacuum Systems

KRYTON manufactures components for central vacuum systems for the carwash industry as well as home and commercial vacuum systems.

TWIN FALLS, ID -  JULY 13, 2019: Car vacuum cleaning machine service along a main road.
detail of an indoor industrial production line, in a thread factory


KRYTON produces spun and fabricated components for Industrial and Commercial cleaning and Storage products. 


KRYTON supplies components for the baking and food processing industry.

Automatic batter dispenser on a doughnut frying machine
Landscape. Bright nature. Elevator. Large aluminum containers for storing cereals against the blue sky and voluminous clouds. A field of golden ripe wheat. Harvest season

Agriculture/ Grain Handling

KRYTON produces many spun and fabricated components for our Farming Heroes from animal care including feed and ventilation to grain handling and storage. 

Signal/ Emergency Equipment

KRYTON supplies components for portable and emergency traffic signals, as well as visual and audible emergency signaling.

Temporary traffic lights powered by solar energy

Medical/ Scientific

KRYTON supplies spun and fabricated components for biological, cryogenic, animal research, and Medical manufacturing facilities.