What is Laser Cutting?

High-quality metal requires unique systems and materials in order to separate it into pieces. Lasers are necessary to make cuts in the metal and create the shapes necessary for your desired parts. While a flat plane is sometimes sufficient, most modern creations require the use of 3D cutting space. This creates an exacting replication of the desired shape, boosting quality and long-term strength.

Why Laser Cutting is right for You


  • Get the exact shapes and cuts on the parts that meet your business needs. We have multiple flatbed lasers and a next-generation 5-axis laser capable of cutting exact dimensions in 3D, even with materials such as copper and brass!
  • Well-suited for a range of industries, including traffic control, energy, lighting, ventilation, manufacturing, furniture design, and more.
  • Need an exact cut for your part, and need a lot of it? At KRYTON, we automate as much as we can to get your parts delivered to you quickly, but we also thoroughly vet each item during production and finishing, and we won’t settle for anything less than the highest quality.

How does KRYTON do it?

Some straightforward jobs may only require the use of a two-dimensional, flat laser cutting system. KRYTON is able to accommodate not just these jobs, but more complex creations that harness 3D cutting technology. This is made possible through a five-axis laser cutter that brings automation to what was once a time-consuming, manual process. Our team oversees the cutting process from beginning to end, ensuring all cuts are precise and your three-dimensional metal parts are pristine and accurate.

Why choose KRYTON?

Our on-site engineering team has seen and cut nearly everything in metal fabrication — including nearly 10,000 unique parts. No matter what your project requires, our team of engineers can put together a custom design and then work closely with production to ensure your metal is cut and shaped to the most demanding specs. Through every step of the engineering and design process, we’ll work directly with you so you can review what’s happening and make any adjustments as needed. We take our craft seriously and our customer service team is standing by as your guide from creation to on-time delivery.

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Other Services

Laser cutting is only the beginning. KRYTON offers metal spinning, fabrication, and more so that we can be your partner throughout your entire product lifecycle. We’re truly a one-stop shop for your equipment needs, making your metal part creation and assembly as seamless and pain-free as possible.

Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning

For nearly every thickness and material type, KRYTON has you covered. Through automation, robotic systems, and experts on hand at all times to guide the process, we’ll provide the creativity and attention you need to ensure the stability and integrity of every product.

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Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Our metalsmiths use cutting-edge fabrication equipment capable of creating metal components that stand the test of time. You trust your parts and machinery to support your business operations, and we provide the precision and quality necessary to enable that trust.

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