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Kryton Engineered Metals

Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting

Our precision metal cutting services focus on flexibility and versatility in the creation of custom metal pieces. In addition to performing prep work in-house for spinning and fabricating we also offer laser cutting as an individual service.

Through the use of our laser technology, we specialize in custom cuts and a nearly endless potential of applications in material processing.

Laser Cutting For Pre- and Post-Spinning

KRYTON’s laser cutting services allow us to cut material sheets into circle blanks in-house in preparation for spinning. This process not only increases our production efficiency and reduces the margin for error, it also reduces cost.

Custom laser cutting in post-spinning operations include slotting holes, trim work and creating cutouts without manual drilling. Along with custom cut components we can also create custom signage and other standalone pieces.

Custom Cut Metals

We can cut copper, aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and brass with our two flatbed lasers and a first-of-its-kind 5-axis laser. Our 2000-watt and 4000-watt 5-axis fiber lasers allow for post-spinning laser applications such as holes, slots, cutouts and more. Other benefits of the 5-axis laser include increased efficiency and accuracy, and expanded custom capabilities.

In addition to our 5-axis laser, we have a 3300-watt CO2 laser and a 4000 watt fiber laser. Both have 6-foot by 12-foot capacity and can cut 7/8-inch thickness mild steel or stainless steel and aluminum up to ½-inch.

Prima Power LN 2130 5 Axis Laser – New Generation

  • 4k Watts
  • 60x100x23 – Rectangular Work Station
  • 63″ Outside Cut
  • Fiber Laser that also cuts Copper and Brass
  • 3 Second Table Swap

KRYTON’s state-of-the-art 100,000+ sq. ft. facility has a focus on lean manufacturing and process improvement. Kryton is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our values and quality standards guarantee that all products are manufactured to client specifications.

Custom Creations for Business and Home

Our laser cutting capabilities allow us to create unique signage and features that make your business or new home stand out from the crowd. The custom signage, home, and outdoor features we manufacture are impossible to ignore and sure to withstand the test of time.