Cut It

Our next-generation 3D laser systems provide unmatched accuracy and speed, enabling our engineering team to develop your metal parts from the ground up with the highest quality and capabilities in mind.

Our Cutting Equipment

Mitsubishi GXF 10K laser with 81″ x 157″ Table U PTO 1″ thick material.

Cincinnati CL-940 4000 watt fiber flatbed laser


Prima Power LN 2130 5 Axis Laser – New Generation

4K Watts

60 x 100 x 23 – Rectangular Work Station –

63” Outside Diameter Cut Fiber Laser that also cuts Copper and Brass

3 Second Table Swap

man welding metal piece
man cutting hole in metal cylinder

Form It

With a variety of welders, mills, presses, plenishers, and beds, we can fabricate the equipment you need, no matter the specifications. And it’s all overseen by a team who stays up to date on the latest tech advances and brings their extensive knowledge to bear on your product.

Our Fabrication Equipment

Various single station punching units

4 Miller welders – TIG, MIG, spool gun

Laser-guided seam welder

Jetline weld plenisher

50 ton press brake with 8’ bed

135 ton press brake with 10’ bed

6 ton Pem-serter

2 – 100KVA spot welders

2 Romer arm CMM’s

CNC Chevalier turning lathe (32” swing)

4 manual engine/tooling type lathes (max swing 48”)

Bridgeport & Chevalier mills

2-100 Ton Kaast Presses

Fab It

With numerous lathes of varying sizes and materials on hand, we can spin metal to precisely the shape you need to get the job done.


11 CNC spinning lathes (up to 100” diameter capacity)

5 manual/hand lathes (1”-60” diameter capacity)

Up to 3/8 gauge mild steel, 1/2 aluminum, 7 gauge stainless

3 T-style lathes (no tail block) (up to 72” diameter capacity)

1 manual pit lathe (126” diameter capacity)

metal structure background


We built KRYTON so that we could support our customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their products and services, even as your facility needs may evolve over time. Our dedication never wavers, and the parts we create are designed to help your own processes become as efficient and successful as possible.

Our engineering team works tirelessly to understand your needs and develop metal products that are more solid, more flexible, and more long-lasting than anything you’ve encountered before. No matter your request, our metal shop has the capabilities necessary to turn your vision into a reality.

Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning

For nearly every thickness and material type, KRYTON has you covered. Through automation, robotic systems, and experts on hand at all times to guide the process, we’ll provide the creativity and attention you need to ensure the stability and integrity of every product.

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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our exacting laser cutting team is second to none. With state-of-the-art laser cutters that provide 5 axes of pinpoint accuracy, we can create 3D metal parts that are unmatched in the industry.

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Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Our metalsmiths use cutting-edge fabrication equipment capable of creating metal components that stand the test of time. You trust your parts and machinery to support your business operations, and we provide the precision and quality necessary to enable that trust.

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You can test our mettle and our metal, and neither will falter.

From our headquarters in Cedar Falls, where we were founded 40 years ago, our team has grown to become one of the country’s leading providers of spun metal. Our engineering-focused approach to customer service ensures we take the time to understand your pain points, and we put in the hours to solve your most pressing machinery needs. Our 105,00 square foot facility, filled with state-of-the-art equipment, has grown and grown to ensure your needs are always met, from beginning to end.


KRYTON has touched nearly every industry imaginable in our time supporting customers’ metal products. Agriculture, healthcare, energy, furniture, and industrial products of all kinds are just some of the industries we’ve supported and will continue to help thrive.

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