KRYTON Services

Spinning – KRYTON provides versatility in spinning a broad range of thicknesses and material-types. Our automated machines and robots provides incredible accuracy and controllable power. KRYTON takes incredible pride in the quality and consistency of every product.

Engineering – KRYTON has a team of engineers that are second to none in the metal fabrication business. We see each of our clients as a business partner, so each client receives a review of its job and help the customer complete their job as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

Cutting – KRYTON is continually striving for better understanding of our customers always evolving cutting needs. We offer various methods to produce the necessary features for the products we produce to insure extreme accuracy.

Welding – Similarly to our engineering team, KRYTON believes it has the best welding operation around. Our precision and diverse methods of welding allow us to weld various types of products.

Finishing – Customers often desire a specific finish to their product and this is another area that KRYTON is glad to assist in. Whether it be in-house polishing or powder-coating, KRYTON’s attention to quality allows each product to be shipped knowing that the finest quality product has left our facility.

Assembly – Multiple parts needed to finish your final project? KRYTON’s Assembly Team can get it done.


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As an innovator in the industry, KRYTON is always on the leading edge of metal cutting technology.


  • Cincinnati CL-707 3300 watt flatbed laser.
  • Cincinnati CL-940 4000 watt fiber flatbed laser  (both lasers are 6’x12’ capable, 3/4” thick mild steel or stainless and aluminum up to ½”).


  • 4K Watts
  • 60x100x23 – Rectangular Work Station
  • 63” Outside Cut
  • Fiber Laser that also cuts Copper and Brass
  • 3 Second Table Swap



Using the latest technology and equipment, our team of metalsmiths can handle all types of specialty fabrication.


  • Various single station punching units
  • 4 Miller welders – TIG, MIG, spool gun
  • Laser-guided seam welder
  • Jetline weld plenisher
  • 50 ton press brake with 8’ bed
  • 135 ton press brake with 12’ bed
  • 6 ton Pem-serter
  • 2 – 100KVA spot welders
  • 2 FARO arm CMM’s
  • CNC Chevalier turning lathe (32” swing)
  • 4 manual engine/tooling type lathes (max swing 48”)
  • Bridgeport & Chevalier mills
  • 2-100 Ton Kaast Presses



We know metal spinning and can offer many creative solutions to spin your part to your specifications competitively.


  • 11 CNC spinning lathes (up to 100” diameter capacity)
  • 5 manual/hand lathes (1”-60” diameter capacity)
  • Up to 3/8 gauge mild steel, 1/2 aluminum, 7 gauge stainless
  • 3 T-style lathes (no tail block) (up to 72” diameter capacity)
  • 1 manual pit lathe (126” diameter capacity)

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Laser Cutting For Pre- and Post-Spinning

KRYTON’s laser cutting services allow us to cut material sheets into circle blanks in-house in preparation for spinning. This process not only increases our production efficiency and reduces the margin for error, it also reduces cost.

Custom laser cutting in post-spinning operations include slotting holes, trim work and creating cutouts without manual drilling. Along with custom cut components we can also create custom signage and other standalone pieces.

Custom Cut Metals

We can cut aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel with our two flatbed lasers and a first-of-its-kind 5-axis laser. Our 4000-watt 5-axis fiber lasers allow for post-spinning laser applications such as holes, slots, cutouts and more. Other benefits of the 5-axis laser include increased efficiency and accuracy, and expanded custom capabilities.  Our 5-axis laser is also capable of cutting brass and copper.

In addition to our 5-axis laser, we have a 3300-watt CO2 laser and a 4000 watt fiber flat laser. Both have 6-foot by 12-foot capacity and can cut 3/4-inch thickness mild steel or stainless steel and aluminum up to ½-inch.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Our fabrication capabilities include shearing, bending, rolling, seaming and welding. We also have a variety of punching and drilling equipment including several presses, and a robotic cell that assists in production allowing us to work within shorter lead times at a lower cost, producing more parts per hour.

We work with the most current 3D software that is compatible with all major file types. Our engineers can fabricate projects to your specifications or create a custom design solution for you. With a mind for project improvement and lean manufacturing, we can also re-engineer parts for optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

All manufacturing tolerances are dependent on project size and complexity, and tighter tolerances can be achieved. Our core competency lies in materials up to 3/8-inch thick plate material, however thicker materials are possible on request.

Crafting Custom Components

We craft over 8000 different spun metal components. Whether we’re spinning by hand or using automated machinery, we deliver superior, consistent, quality pieces that range from 1” to 126” in diameter.

Components that can be created through spinning metal forming range from small hardware pieces to large industrial elements – and everything in between. Some of the industries we serve include architectural lighting, cookware, furniture building, fans/blowers, air handling/air filtration, aerospace, auto racing, agriculture, satellite dishes, and many more.

Metal spinning allows us to create seamless forms in complex shapes using a large array of metals. The metal takes shape over custom forms under the careful craftsmanship of skilled hands. We specialize in cones, domes, hemispheres, cylinders, and convex/concave combinations. Our expertise lies mainly within 7-gauge to 20-gauge material thickness, although we can also work with other gauges and customizations.

Our 3D software is compatible with all major file types, so submitting your own product design is a breeze. Our engineers are always looking for ways to create efficiencies with your product design and can even create something for you from scratch. We’ll figure out how to get a job done within your specifications.